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 Nicholas Vassel

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PostSubject: Nicholas Vassel   Nicholas Vassel Icon_minitimeTue 02 Dec 2008, 8:02 pm

Character Name=Nicholas Vassel

User Name=HPFangirl

Character’s Birthday= August 13, 1993

Character Gender=Male

Year= 5th

E-mail address= N/A

Wand Type and Characteristics=Black Walnut and Oak, chimaera scale, 15 inches

Birthplace of Character= London, England

Current Residence of Character= Chesterton, England

Parents=Matthew and Lucy Vassel


Blood Type=Pure-blood

Pets= Cat named James

Character Background= Matthew and Lucy both attended Hogwarts. They had excellent marks in all classes. When they left Hogwarts, they got married. A few years later, they had Nicholas. He showed strong signs of magic from an early age. Of course, not really knowing any real spells, things would randomly fall to the floor or end up in some random place around the house. On his eleventh birthday, he recieved his letter. He has been going to Hogwarts ever since.

Personality traits=book worm, cold to strangers, great friend, shy around girls, occasionally breaks the rules

What does you character like?=potions, flying, herbology, DADA, eating, talking, reading, playing pranks, playing the piano

What does you character dislike=tight areas, awkward situations, trans. fig, divinations, know-it-all's, loud things

Academic Outlook= Does fairly well in class, occasionally does homework, can be a teachers pet

Strong Points=flying, reading, getting out of sticky situations

Weaknesses= talking to girls, telling the complete truth, letting others win, holding back words

Appearance=tall, tan, a few freckles, dirty blond hair, bright green eyes, slightly muscular

House=(Wait Until Character is Sorted to Fill In)

The Sorting Hat:

Which colour appeals to your character the most?
A. Bronze
B. Silver
C. Black
D. Gold

Which describes your character best?
A. Intelligent
B. Cunning
C. Brave
D. Hard-Working

Which is your character’s preferred subject?
A. Transfiguration
B. Herbology
C. Potions
D. Charms

What house does your character want to get sorted into?
A. Ravenclaw
B. Gryffindor
C. Hufflepuff
D. Slytherin
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PostSubject: Re: Nicholas Vassel   Nicholas Vassel Icon_minitimeWed 03 Dec 2008, 7:09 pm

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Nicholas Vassel
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