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 Duran Connor

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Topher Duran

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PostSubject: Duran Connor   Duran Connor Icon_minitimeThu 04 Dec 2008, 2:07 am

Character Name=Duran Connor

User Name=Topher Duran

Character’s Birthday=july 27 1992

Character Gender=male

Year= (What year your character is in)6th year

E-mail address=cdp8828@yahoo.com

Wand Type and Characteristics= 11 1/2, elder with dragon heartstring

Birthplace of Character=London

Current Residence of Character=London

Parents=Jonh Connor, Allison Young

Siblings=Leslie Connor age ten.

Blood Type=(Pure-blood, Half-blood, Muggle-born)Muggle-born

Pets=A great sooty owl, black body with brown around the feet, wings and eyes, and a brown stomach. Named Shyamalan.

Character Background= (Where your character came from, family description, little things like that.)Duran Conner grow up in London all his life with his mother and father and little sister. He is very smart 183 IQ but his little sister make him look like an idiot. Him and his sister are bestfriends.

Personality traits=smart, funny,

What does you character like?=music, reading, drawing

What does you character dislike=good-goods

Academic Outlook= (Character’s outlook on school)He is very smart but don't take school for really.

Strong Points= smart, strong

Weaknesses= to trusting

Appearance= Short brown hair, green eyes, height 6'0, weight 170.

House=(Wait Until Character is Sorted to Fill In)

The Sorting Hat:

Which colour appeals to your character the most?
A. Bronze
B. Silver
C. Black>
D. Gold

Which describes your character best?
A. Intelligent>
B. Cunning
C. Brave
D. Hard-Working

Which is your character’s preferred subject?
A. Transfiguration>
B. Herbology
C. Potions
D. Charms

What house does your character want to get sorted into?
A. Ravenclaw>
B. Gryffindor
C. Hufflepuff
D. Slytherin
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PostSubject: Re: Duran Connor   Duran Connor Icon_minitimeThu 04 Dec 2008, 6:26 pm

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Duran Connor
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